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How to prevent noise damage from sound plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-04-19
Last time we talked about the possible hearing damage caused by sound plush toys to children. There is no way to know when this kind of toy noise starts to damage the children's hearing. It will only be discovered when the child's hearing problems have occurred. As parents, you must pay more attention to hearing tests. It can be arranged in this way. Usually the child will pass the hearing screening at the time of birth, but this is not enough. A series of hearing tests are required between the ages of 3 and 5. Every year from kindergarten to third grade. Test once every year from the first grade of junior high school to graduation from high school. If you find that your child often has a confused expression during the hearing test, or the answer is always 'Huh?There are also some signs that the child’s hearing has problems: for example, the child speaks very loudly (or often speaks softly), tilts his head to listen to the sound, and adjusts the volume of the TV, radio, etc. to a high level, etc. In short, in addition to cooperating with the doctor to take the child to check his hearing regularly, when you feel that your child's hearing is problematic, you should consult the doctor in time. What should we do to avoid toy noise damage? 1. Purchasing regular plush toys The first criterion for purchasing plush toys is whether the plush toys pass safety and compliance monitoring. Plush toys need to be GB6675 'Safety of ' in my country, and imported toys should comply with the European Community toy standard EN71. 2. Screening plush plush toys. Before your child can get a plush toy, you should test it yourself and put it first. Listen about 12 inches from your head. If you think it is noise, then its volume must be excessive. In addition, you can also use a household decibel meter (facing the toy speaker) to test whether it is safe for children's hearing. If the result exceeds 85 decibels, then you must pay attention. 3. Control the volume of the toy. Understand the structure of the plush toy, know the switch and volume control, if it is too noisy, stick its speaker with adhesive tape to reduce the volume (this method is only suitable for older children) , Or simply take out the battery. 4. Hearing protection. If children are exposed to long periods of noise, such as participating in concerts, sports meets, etc., they should wear earplugs or earmuffs. Even if they cover their ears with their hands, it is better than doing nothing. .
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