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How to pick a good children's educational toys?

by:YouRun     2020-11-07

how to choose children's educational toys? First of all, children's educational toys should have the characteristics of the toy, such as recreational sex, interesting and entertaining; Secondly, children's educational toys is mainly suitable for children, so it is difficult but not more than children accept ability, the last is that such toys to develop children's intelligence. The toy factory today is to teach people about choosing method of children's educational toys, hope to help everyone.

physical check toys

the educational toys on the market has a lot of, not all of the educational toys for children. For example: there are holes or moving parts of toys, parents should avoid buying, in order to prevent hurt the child's fingers; The parents buy metal toy products or have the edge of the plastic toys, should first check whether its surface is smooth. If it is plastic toys products, should check whether there is a flash and burr problem. If it is a plush toys products, should check whether there is any parts easy to fall off and odor problems.

2。 Look for the '3 c' certification mark

in order to ensure safety, parents should have a '3 c' logo of choose and buy products. The so-called '3 c' certification mark, namely national toy product certification mark on the market. These toys can be in the specified website '3 c' to find all the details. To be on the safe side, parents should be in large supermarket to buy educational toys, and pay attention to keep the invoice, when necessary, can protect their own rights and interests.

3。 See toy appearance

the parents when the choose and buy, should avoid to choose the following types of toys: edge is coarse, contains all sorts of small parts, a sharp Angle, etc. All this may pose a threat to the safety of the children, so parents should take a closer look at the appearance. It is important to note that due to a lot of toys with plastic bags, in order to avoid children naughty and accident, the parents should be discarded in a timely manner.

4。 To see the product outer packing

all formal manufacturers on the outer packing of the product will have a logo, such as manufacturers, '3 c' logo, product name. The parents when the choose and buy, particular attention should be paid to these marks.

see introduced in this paper, think about how to choose children's educational toys are very easy to learn? Children's educational toys, in fact, to cultivate children good social activity ability has a very positive role. Because when the children and their parents or peers when play educational toys, can cultivate children in imperceptible cooperation consciousness, learning ability, and improve children's language ability, practical ability and so on.

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