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How to make the mascot on myself

by:YouRun     2020-11-10
Mascots of the more popular in recent years, especially during the Olympic Games is a lot of people make their own mascot. Although the work is not to be compared with plush dolls processing factory, but the appearance is elegant. So how to make the mascot on myself? Actually very simple. First, you can go to plush plush toys factory there take a look at these lines, or see what others do, what are the procedures require more attention, then there is the oneself buy materials. If you prefer cotton, so you can buy cotton, for example, if you like bamboo fiber, so you can buy bamboo fiber. Buy the material after you can make the mascot. If you to see in the plush doll factory still don't understand, can also go to look at is how to make online, generally has three steps: the first is to choose your favorite design and the modelling of the mascot, the second step is to buy material, buy a needle and thread, the third step is made according to the shape and design. Buy material is, generally speaking, there are some illustrations to teach you how to make the mascot, in fact as long as follow the steps in to do it, usually can be completed, make your own mascot, with both also exercise their own sewing, meaning can send friends send relatives again, what is there against it?
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