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How to make Plush Toys?

How to make Plush Toys?


As an important member of toys family, Plush Toy now as one of the most famous creative and attractive products for child,it becomes more important in our life not only as a toy,then how to make a good plush toy?

Steps to make Plush Toys

Step 1:Make Plush Toys Samples

Sample is the first and the most important step of good Plush Toys, customers provide us product detailed images or exactly products, and we quote the custom plush toy products, after customers accept the quotation, pay the sample fee and we start to samples’ making system, the generally whole making work will keep 5 - 7days, factory will make a initial sample for customer to make sure it’s shape and effect, after customer confirmation then exactly sample be made.  

Plush Toy

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Step 2: Plush Toys' producing

The whole producing system about 25 - 45 days, including purchasing, tailoring, embroidering, sewing, filling, hand working and packing. After customer accept our quotation and pay the advance, we start to buy material to begin toys’ making, while making we will take pictures about each step’s situation and let customers know, make sure that customers can know the whole producing situation.

Step 2:Plush Toys' Packing and Shipment

As the most important step of producing system, all the toys must be followed needle detectors, there are several QC person to check Toys' quality, make confirm that customers got the best products, after pay balance, the packed toys can be shipped.


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