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How to let the children get rid of the dependence on electronic products such as mobile phone addiction? 90% of all parents haven't done it right!

by:YouRun     2020-11-16

believes that many parents have realized, mobile phones and other electronic products had a great influence on the growth of children. Today, we once again stressed: a set of data for mobile phones to harm children really very big, want to play also have to strictly control the time!

children's bone and muscle growth, every day in the best way to help a child development is movement. And addicted to computers, mobile phones, the electronic products can affect bone, go against spinal cord development; On icy electronic products for a long time, for the man-machine dialogue, hindered the communication of between parents and peers, easy to form the unidirectional thinking mode, make the child's communication skills, character of mature slowly. For a child, there is nothing more than the interaction and communication can help them to improve world view, form a good personality. Children should spend more time with their peers to play, how to participate in outdoor activities. These exchanges let kids know how to control your emotions, how to deal with the relationship between with others.

psychological growth cannot leave the correct cognition of the real world. Only put children at the real world, can judge the right is formed gradually in the growth. And long-term exposure to build the virtual world of electronic product, adverse to the child's psychological development. Some parents even with the transfer of the child's attention, for a moment of purity. Long-term and realistic society's children, psychological will also touch with reality. But once you miss the best time mature psychology, it will be hard to make up for the late.

audio panel is designed for the baby to tailor, a new selection of content, early childhood educational

baby finger click on the drawing board content ( There are 11 pages replaceable) , bear will sound teaching, with little interaction, leading babies learn pinyin initials, Numbers, Chinese character, English letters, cartoon and in-kind combination of cognitive animals, etc. ; In the process of play, help children to absorb more knowledge of nutrition! The children, will quickly with little bear the teacher learning!

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