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How to judge whether the fabric of the plush doll is good or not?

by:YouRun     2021-04-22

We often say that judging whether a plush doll is good or not can be judged from the fabric. Generally, high-quality plush doll have soft fabrics, very skin-friendly and comfortable. On the contrary, a low-quality plush doll, The fabric may be rougher and rougher. However, in fact, there are many low-quality plush dolls on the market. In order to deceive consumers, the fabrics are made very smooth. Then, how do we judge this situation! Today, I will bring you a few practical tips to teach you how to judge the quality of plush doll fabrics in many ways! The first step: see if the plush doll itself has a label, we don't have to work so hard, just look at the content on the label, generally speaking, the label of the toy will indicate the fabric. Of course, in addition to looking at the label on the label, we can also observe the color of the toy. Generally speaking, the color of the original plush doll will be brighter and more natural. On the contrary, the inferior plush doll will often pass Chemical treatment will also look dull and colorless. Step 2: Touching this touch is the method mentioned at the beginning of our article. The high-quality plush doll are often skin-friendly and smooth, while the inferior plush dolls are often rough and sometimes straightforward. You can feel the quality of the plush doll! The third step: pulling the so-called pull is to pull the plush doll with your hand. Of course, you must grasp the strength, not too heavy, but not too light, because we need to see whether the plush doll under a certain strength is easy to appear If there are signs of hair loss, then this plush doll can basically be defined as inferior! Step 4: Smell the last way to judge the plush doll fabric, is to smell it. Smell naturally smells. If the plush doll has no smell, then it is of better quality. If it has a pungent smell, then it must be Once chemically treated, such plush toys are naturally inferior products!

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