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How to judge the quality of plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-04-21

To judge whether a piece of clothing is good or not, we can look at the texture, fabric, and comfort; to judge whether a dish is good, we can look at the ingredients, the appearance, and the taste. So to judge whether a plush toy is good or not, what factors should we consider? Summarized the four main factors, let's take you to understand it in detail below! 1. Look at the appearance. Although people cannot look at their appearance and look at the surface, we must start from the appearance of a plush toy to judge the quality of a plush toy. Generally speaking, in order to attract more consumers, manufacturers will work hard on the appearance of plush toys, and try to make them more vivid, cute, and cute. After all, this is an era of looking at faces, and there are always beautiful things. It will be more noticeable. Of course, if a manufacturer ignores the basic image of the toy, then the quality of this plush toy is certainly not much better! 2. Looking at the hand feel, do you think the hand feel is just a matter of touching it with your hands? of course not! Looking at the feel of a plush toy, we can feel it with our face in addition to touching it with our hands. Put the plush toy on your face, if it feels soft, comfortable, and not irritating, then the quality of the plush toy will pass. On the contrary, if a plush toy has sparse fluff and no comfort at all, and even the flannel inside can be seen intuitively, then the quality of the plush toy is definitely not good! 3. Look at the stuffing Generally speaking, the stuffing of plush plush toys is mainly made of environmentally friendly soft PP cotton. This kind of stuffing has a characteristic, even if it is squeezed, it can rebound quickly without collapsing. When we judge whether a plush toy is good or not, we can also try to squeeze it to see if it can rebound quickly. 4. Look at the brand to judge whether a plush toy is good or not. In addition to starting from the product itself, we can also start from the brand. Generally speaking, long-established and large-brand merchants are more trustworthy! The above are the four key factors for judging whether a plush toy is good or not for everyone. After reading these, can you become an expert in choosing plush plush toys?

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