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How to judge that plush toys are substandard products

by:YouRun     2021-04-22
Plush toys are one of the classic plush toys of the child's childhood. For the purchase of plush toys, parents must have certain basic common sense and know how to distinguish between good and bad plush toys. Ordinary consumers do not have professional tools to detect whether this toy is a qualified product, but they have a certain basic knowledge of the toy, and usually some obvious inferior quality can be distinguished. So today the plush toy manufacturers will discuss with parents how to determine whether plush toys are substandard products. Appearance color At first glance, whether the plush toy has a godly demeanor. Just like people, people with poor health will feel sick. The same is true for plush toys, especially when you look at the facial expressions of plush toys. The color will give you the feeling that it is very natural and brighter. But the processed stuffed toy, or plush fabric, will be dull and colorless, and the normal color will be light, as if it took a long time. Hand feeling If you touch it with your hand, it will be smooth and smooth, and even better, it can be said to be silky. Inferior plush toys, after chemical treatment, will destroy this kind of feel, will become rough, and will have a hard feeling. Also, if the plush fabric appears to be faulty after being touched, then this plush toy is also problematic. Gently squeeze the plush toy with both hands. Plush toys with average or even inelasticity are substandard products. The elasticity depends on the phenomenon after the squeeze is released. If it recovers quickly, the elasticity is good. If it recovers slowly or not, it is inferior. Fleece fabric Gently grasp it with your hands. If only a few hairs fall off, it is a normal performance, because this is the floating hair left during the production process. But if it falls in clusters, don't buy it. This phenomenon means that the selected material of the plush toy is very bad, that is to say, the plush toy is substandard. Smell Use your nose close to the stuffed toy and smell it. Under normal circumstances, plush plush toys will not have any taste. If there is a pungent odor, or several flavors are mixed together, then this plush toy is also a substandard product, which proves that there is a problem with the filling, most likely it is filled with black cotton. Accessories Whether the hard accessories such as eyes, nose, electronic components, screws and buttons are firm and smooth; whether the accessories such as ribbons and ropes are too long. These accessories are easy to cause safety accidents. Is each patchwork tight? In fact, the main thing is to look at the seal, because the seal cannot be sealed by a machine and can only rely on human hands. If it is obvious, or if the stitches are not tight, it is also a non-conforming product.
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