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How to customize a plush toy gift for the holiday?

by:YouRun     2021-04-14

Stuffed plush toys are the first choice for many people to give gifts, including gifts between couples, souvenirs from companies to customers, holiday promotional gifts from businesses, and so on. After knowing that plush plush toys have the above uses, how can they be customized? Here, the editor introduces the complete customization process for you in detail. 01. The design manuscript includes two situations. One is that there is already a toy image that you want to produce; the other is that there is no specific design drawing. According to both cases, solutions are prepared. Customers who already have product design drawings can directly provide source files in AI, PDF, PSD and other formats. If you really can't find the design artwork, you can also provide high-definition pictures. In another case, for customers who do not have a specific design image, we have a professional design team. Customers provide design ideas, and our designers will develop design ideas based on the ideas. 02. After confirming the renderings and solving the problems of the design manuscripts, our designers will produce a product renderings based on the design drafts. The customer needs to determine the effect of the product, and if there is any need to modify, at this link, they can put forward their opinions as soon as possible. 03. After confirming the sample renderings, our production team will open a sample mold to make the physical samples, and then send the samples to the customers for physical product confirmation. As with the above links, the areas that need to be modified must be put forward as soon as possible to avoid delaying the production schedule. We provide process information based on the quantity, duration, pictures, specifications, materials, filling and other process requirements of processed products provided by customers. Calculate the initial price range and pattern-making costs. The cost of pattern-making is generally 400-600 yuan, and the specific price depends on different sizes, quantities, and complexity of workmanship. After the sample fee has been paid, the initial sample will be made for customers to confirm the shape in about 4-6 days (the process is complicated and the style is many, the time will be extended accordingly). 04. After the mass production samples are confirmed, the factory will arrange the production of molds, and then arrange mass production according to the sample requirements. The remaining production processes are the main tasks of the toy manufacturer. 05. Product quality inspection After arranging the production of the received goods, we will first carry out strict quality inspections on the products according to the customer's product quality requirements. After the inspection is completed, packaging and boxing are carried out. After the above steps are completed, we will arrange shipments according to the logistics and freight methods specified by the customer. At that time, the customer also needs to arrange a person in charge to inspect and accept the goods. The above is our custom production process of plush plush toys. If conditions permit, we try our best to provide you with a five-minute quotation, two days for molds, and five days for samples, in order to provide you with high-quality customized services. The content is here, and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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