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How to customize a mascot plush doll that represents the corporate image?

by:YouRun     2021-04-15

Many companies will have their own IP image and make dolls, plush doll for gifts or game interaction, such a page is conducive to corporate publicity and image enhancement. So, how do companies customize a plush doll that represents their own mascot? Xiaobian will explain to you. Companies can plan according to their own brand positioning, brand concept, slogan, founding story, mission and other factors, and can design animal shapes, cartoon images, or other shapes. So, what commercial value can a company's own mascot bring? The company’s mascot can be used as the company’s image symbol or the company’s spokesperson, just like Tmall’s LOGO is the graphic of a cat, and the JD’s LOGO is the graphic of a dog, and both of these images are produced by them as a derivative of the brand. Product, as the image representative of Tmall and, can deepen consumers' impression of them and also shorten the distance with consumers. Animal mascots are used in various scenes of the enterprise, such as annual meetings, events, publicity conferences, etc., which can be easily remembered because of the high degree of recognition. Below, the editor will talk about the entire customization process. First of all, you can find the relevant design team to design the IP image for your company. After obtaining the final design renderings, the company can find the toy manufacturer with the design source files, the file format is: AI, PDF, PSD, CorelDRAW, etc., if there is no design manuscript, high-definition pictures are also available. Or if you don’t have any concept of IP image, you find it, we will provide you with design ideas and arrange designers to design products. After the design renderings are resolved, you can ask the toy manufacturer to cooperate and first give you a physical sample to confirm the effect. After the confirmation, the toy manufacturer will arrange the production of molds. Prior to this, the company should first put forward relevant requirements, such as the number of toys, shipping date, specifications, materials, fillings, etc. process requirements, and the two parties finalize the production cost after negotiation. The detailed requirements of plush toys must also be put forward by the enterprise in time so that the manufacturer can arrange mass production according to the sample requirements. After the production is over, the toy manufacturer arranges shipment and delivery. The company must inspect the goods in time, check the quality of the physical objects, and count the number of plush toys. After the above processes are completed, the entire customization process is completed. The above is the customization process shared by the editor, and it is also the customization process. Choosing us means choosing to go with quality. That's all for sharing, thanks for reading!

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