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How to cultivate children's hands-on ability?

by:YouRun     2020-11-15

how to cultivate children's hands-on ability? Everyone knows 'ingenuity', today's parents are also know the beginning ability and intelligent degree of relationship. But for modern Chinese family, a real chance to let children's not too much.

a child when I was a child, always feel that small children, is not willing to let the children what to do; Children, and children homework task is heavy, pressure is big, have no time to cultivate children has nothing to do with learning ability.

Mr Educator tao xingzhi said: 'teaching is one thing, not three things. We are going to do on teach, do in the school. 'Do, is to begin to experience, life experience, knowledge experience, social experience. Not mind hand just coincidence, but the handy to more intelligent.

1, pay attention to the imagination.

we should pay attention to play to the imagination of children, because the beginning ability also need to be supported by rich imagination, if children can imagine some things, even more help children realize the desire, ability can improve slowly.

2, don't do for your child.

we should know the let the child do it ourselves, rather than arranged for your child, parents should pay attention to exercise the child's ability to care for, such as do some daily chores, pack my school bag and brushing your teeth, wash a face, dress, and so on, all let kids do on their own.

3, changing the concept of thinking.

parent for the child's ability must be attention to, don't always think that children grow up can be learned in the future, now the child is small, don't have to do daily chores, parents want to change this kind of idea, in order to let children get exercise.

4, do more handmade.

kids exercise ability, in fact, sometimes the handmade is very important, we should let the child do handmade, more children to use scissors, brush, glue stick, etc. , can fully exercise the child's hand-eye coordination, a great help to the child.

5, appropriate to do some housework.

of course can't expect their children to do housework, but also can let your child to do some housework, you can reach through these work, the child's ability to exercise, such as washing the dishes, pick vegetables, wash your socks and so on, is good for children.

6, do more exercise.

physical exercise can improve the coordinating abilities of the child, we can take their children to go to play basketball, football, running and so on, through the movement to improve the child's physical quality, at the same time, also can improve the ability of the child.

7, do more games.

we should do some games, led the child by playing games train children's ability, for example, can simulate some scenarios, handmade, the house is built with bricks, through games to train children's ability, there should be a good effect.

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