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How to cleaning plush toy doll

by:YouRun     2020-12-20
Now many families only gave birth to a baby, the kid's toy is little not, of course, a lot of mom and dad bought a variety of plush toys, electric, plush toys, but the furry little animal toys or animated cartoon toys most can move the heart of the children and one of the more attractive, is the plush toys. or placing a small motor intelligent machine core, small toys can move forward, backward or even dance. Really want to say do not love is not easy. However, things are a into two, plush electric toy is more interesting, however, its fluffy appearance also is very easy to stick dust was dirty. Two months will become dirty, most commonly affects the beautiful, also can affect the health of children. So clean the problem of electric toy and then before the parents. Selection of first method is to dry cleaning, simple and convenient but expensive. Actually many parents could begin to wash themselves these small toys, here small make up the simple cleaning method that introduce plush dolls, washed like laundry washing line, and if there is a movement, plush toys and open place, this do? I believe many will sew clothes by hand, then we can find a toy behind have a seam position by hand, this is the position of special plush toy factory set aside, can cut open from here, take out the movement to clean again, also can and hand suture with baby together.
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