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How to clean plush toys safely and thoroughly

by:YouRun     2021-03-27
The autumn breeze is blowing, and the temperature is gradually getting colder, and the plush toy industry has become a warming artifact for people. However, after a long period of time or unexpected circumstances, the stuffed toy becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned. However, at present, most businesses only provide 'stain cleaningIn fact, plush toys can be cleaned more thoroughly. The key is how to clean it safely and thoroughly. First of all, check the performance of your plush plush toys for some obvious stains. If they are found, they must be cleaned beforehand. Otherwise, these stains will remain stubbornly on the surface of the toy when it is cleaned as a whole. You can find a brush, apply a little washing powder, then dip a little water, and carefully clean the surface of the plush toy. After washing the local stains, you still feel that the plush toy is very dirty. You can put it in the sun to kill bacteria, or place the plush toy in a zipper pillowcase or laundry bag to squeeze out the excess air and pull it up. zipper. The premise is to ensure that there is enough space in the bag to allow the plush toy to be turned inside. Reminder, if the toy is too big or electric plush toy, it can’t be cleaned in this way, just basking in the sun. Put the toy in the pillowcase into the washing machine, add mild washing powder and disinfectant, set the washing mode to soft, remember not to choose hot water, plush toys are sensitive to hot water, soaking in hot water will make it fluffy The toy is deformed. Of course, the cleaning effect of cold water is not as good as that of hot water, but as long as you extend the washing time slightly, the effect is the same. In the cycle washing mode, if the water discharged from the washing machine is clean water, it means that your stuffed toy has been cleaned thoroughly and you can end the washing. After washing, take out the pillowcase, place it on the dryer, and set the temperature to the cold air of the hair dryer. People who do not have a dryer at home can also choose to hang it to dry in the sun. However, be sure to make sure that your plush toy will not have fading or other undesirable consequences when exposed to direct sunlight. Unzip the zipper. Check whether the plush toy is completely dry. If it is still damp, please put it in the pillowcase, put it in the dryer again to dry, and repeat this several times until your toy is completely dry. Finally, remove the plush toy from the pillowcase and let it return to your embrace.
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