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How to clean large plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-04-23

The fact that plush plush toys can be machine-washed is not new to everyone, right? As long as the fabric allows, as long as it does not decolor, plush plush toys are the same as ordinary clothes. After they are dirty, they can be directly thrown into the washing machine for washing. The subsequent treatment is the same as ordinary clothes. After it has dried out, you can take it back home and use it again. So the question is, the small size, plush toys that can be placed in the washing machine can be washed at will, so what should we do with those large-size plush toys that can’t fit in the washing machine? Next, let’s share with you the cleaning techniques for large plush toys! Step 1: Let’s prepare a pot of hot water with a temperature of about 60℃. Here we need to explain that the reason why we need hot water at 60℃ is because this temperature of hot water can help us remove the stuffed toy. Mites and mite feces. Step 2: We need to prepare mild and non-irritating detergents. Although the cleaning of plush toys seems to be the same as the cleaning of general clothes, there is a certain difference in the cleaning agents used. Because of the particularity of plush plush toys, there may be residual detergent after cleaning, so when we choose detergent, we must ensure that it is mild enough and not irritating, so that children will not have symptoms such as allergies. Step 3: Brush gently with a soft brush. Ordinary clothes washing, we can just rub it with our hands, but it is not realistic to rub stuffed toys by hand, so in general, we have to prepare a soft brush and use it to brush off the stuffed toys. Stains. Step 4: After rinsing, we need to wrap the plush toy in a bath towel, then put it in a clean basin and wash it under pressure, and wash the foam over and over again until the water in the basin is completely So far clear. Step 5: Compared with ordinary clothes, plush toys are much thicker, so after washing, we still need to dehydrate the plush toys, but the dewatering is not directly in the washing machine, but needs to be dehydrated. Wrap them in bath towels and put them in the washing machine together to protect them. Step 6: After the dehydration is completed, we need to reshape the plush toy that we took out, because the plush toy at this time will be a little out of phase, we need to use our hands to help it sort out a little to restore it to its original shape Look like. Step 7: After completing the above operations, we can put the plush toy in the sun until it is completely dried and sun-dried, and then we can take it home and use it again.

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