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How to choose toys for children? It's not just a matter of preference!

by:YouRun     2021-04-22

The editor once asked many friends with children around him, and asked them how they helped their children choose toys. Almost most of my friends told the editor that there is nothing special about it, just look at the children's personal likes. So the question is, do parents choose toys for their children, do they really only need to see whether the children like it? Is there really no need to consider other factors? If you still have such doubts, then the content that the editor will bring next should be very suitable for you! Choosing toys for your child only depends on personal preference? of course not! At least, the following three principles must be followed! First, the question of preference has to be said. Nowadays, children have more and more opinions of their own, and more and more know how to express their own wishes. Of course, for such children, parents also need to be respected, so we When choosing toys for your child, you really need to consider your child's preferences. After all, these toys are bought for your child to play with and to accompany your child. If the child doesn't like it subjectively, buying it home is also a decoration. Second, in addition to the importance of preference, the safety of toys is also an issue that parents need to consider. Take the stuffed toy that has a high degree of attention nowadays, don’t look at its soft Q bombs, which are harmless. In fact, improper selection is also a safety hazard. Remind everyone that when choosing plush toys, in addition to looking at the appearance and fabric feel, you also need to pay attention to the problems of labels and internal fillings. Do not buy some inferior plush toys that endanger your children's health. Third, the issue of size. No matter what type of toy, there are differences in size. Parents also need to consider the issue of size when choosing plush toys for their children. After all, children’s freshness of toys does not necessarily last for a long time. If the toy is too big, and the child doesn't like it while playing, at this time, it is necessary to find a place to put it, but the toy that is too big will become a burden for the family.

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