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How to choose high-quality and safe toys? These few standards are enough

by:YouRun     2021-04-19

When choosing toys, every parent will have different considerations for every parent. For example, some parents feel that plush toys are for children to play, so the most important thing is that children like them; some parents feel that children not only need to play, but also need to learn, so they tend to choose some educational toys, which can cultivate Children’s thinking; some parents feel that toys always accompany their children, so safety is very important, so when they choose toys, they will pay more attention to safety issues. Okay, today, let's take you to understand the principles of toy selection from a safety perspective. Do you know how to buy high-quality and safe toys? In fact, these few standards are enough! First, check whether the raw materials are safe. The so-called raw materials are actually the various materials used to make toys. For example, when we make stuffed toys, we need to use fillers, glues, etc. It can be judged whether a plush toy is safe enough. Second, see if the material is smooth. Children are different from adults. They may have excessive movements when they play with toys. They may directly hit the toy on their body or on their head or any part of their body. ; They also like to bite toys with their mouths and grasp the toys with their hands. These behaviors are inherently dangerous. We have no way to control the behavior of children, so we can only start from the toys themselves and try to choose toys with smooth surfaces. , In this way, you can minimize the damage of toys to children! Third, see whether the toy is easy to shed hair. Whether the toy sheds hair will not only affect the life span of the toy itself, but also have a very significant impact on the health of the child. In recent years, there have been many voices that are not good for plush toys in society, more or less because the hair of plush toys harms the health of children’s skin and respiratory tract. Therefore, when we choose plush toys , Also need to pay attention to whether it is easy to shed hair. Fourth, see whether toys have electronic components. Many of today's plush toys are electric. For such plush toys, we must also pay special attention to strengthening the electronic components with screws as much as possible to avoid harm to children.

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