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How to choose good quality plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-04-20

Perhaps for many people, choosing plush toys is not a technical matter? When most people choose toys, they tend to look at their faces and prices. As long as they look good, look good, and the price is not too cheap, then such plush plush toys are considered good. So is this really the case? Today, let me tell you how to choose a high-quality plush toy! First, look at the appearance. Although the three words look at the appearance sound a bit superficial, when we choose plush toys, we really need to look at the appearance. After all, everyone will prefer beautiful and beautiful things. However, what we are talking about here is not simply looking good or not. We have to choose some more childlike and cute plush toys from the child's point of view, so that they can be more favored! Second, after looking at the workmanship and looking at the appearance, then we have to take a look at the workmanship of the plush toy. As we all know, the interior of plush toys is filled with a lot of stuffing, so when we choose toys, we have to see whether the stitching process around the toy has passed. Plush toys can't be considered high-quality. You know, many children have the habit of stuffing their hands into their mouths. If they stuff stuffed stuffed toys into their mouths, what a terrible thing would it be? Third, look at the decorations. Many soft toys have some decorations on their bodies, such as buttons, pins, hairpins, etc. We also need to pay special attention to these decorations when choosing soft toys. , Check whether they are strong, whether they are too hard or too sharp, you should know that weak decorations (the eyes and nose of plush plush toys, buttons on clothes, etc.) may be picked off by the child and stuffed into the mouth, and they are too hard , Sharp decorations (hairpins, etc.) are also easy to harm children. The above is a summary of the methods for selecting high-quality plush toys for everyone. Have you learned these tips?

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