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How to choose and buy plush toys

by:YouRun     2020-12-25
1. See feel: toy inside filling material is enough, soft, no smell. 2. Work: toys flat-fell seam lines should be compact and tidy, not easy to reveal the internal filling material, eyes facial symmetry, if there are any accessories shall be strong, not easy to fall off.
how to identify plush plush toys the wadding
1. Pure PP cotton to open the toy, pure white, no smell, elastic, soft, the cotton is high quality PP cotton, can put a purchase. 2. Black heart cotton open look when cotton is dark grey, with a clutter smell, the most is recycled cotton, the cotton to make the toy is not can give children to play well. Custom

toys gift in immediately to 11 golden weeks, merchants also save enough momentum to the 'golden week' troubled waters, but how to attract more guests into the shop, is also a headache thing merchants, but now there are many stores to have a friend like target gift, also will bring a lot of guests, toys custom is such an existence. This is to attract children a trick. If you can customize some children like promotional products, then nature will bring people very popular, have the sentiment is not afraid of sales, so do better when it comes to custom toys is the toy factory in shenzhen. Them in the form of diversification, and a variety of vendors have cooperation, more flexible, so many creative dolls are produced in shenzhen. There are all kinds of plush dolls in shenzhen allows you to select. Still has a lot of lovely little toy, it is to spend a little money, bring more popularity of passenger flow, why don't just think with little pay, for big harvest, in the 'golden week' business, come on!
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