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How to choose a quality plush toy?

How to choose a quality plush toy?


Nowadays the market of plush toy is full of beautiful things in eyes, price is uneven also, quality is uneven also. But for children, playing with plush toys is the second most important thing, safety is the most important, parents how to distinguish the pros and cons of plush toys. Today YouRun Plush Toys factory five recruit will teach everyone how to distinguish the quality of plush Toys.

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5 tips for choosing a quality plush toy

1. See whether the appearance of the workmanship is fine, whether the modeling is beautiful and lovely.

Formal manufacturer can spend very much idea in the design of the example of plush toy, and small workshop can imitate the modelling of others only, often use poorer material, and do STH. As a result, you will find in the wholesale toy market, the same store, the same style, the same size, but prices range from 10 yuan to 50 yuan. Because using better materials, handling more details, and making the work more precise, it requires more manpower and resources.

2. Whether the handle is good and how to choose the material.

Good plush toy outside multi-purpose super soft fabric texture is tight, face cloth with soft nap is secret, can't see the below the velvet texture, feel is very soft and comfortable, can feel the on the face, soft feel, and use cheap short hair fabrics, velvet sparse, you can see the flannelette, feel is hard on the face is feeling a little people.

3. See how the stuffing works. Good plush toy often use white PP cotton.

If it gets crushed in transit, it can be easily recovered. It's very elastic when you press it with your hand. Poor plush toy inside multi-purpose black cotton, or less PP cotton, filling only half of the amount of good plush toy, by hand, the elasticity is much worse.

4. Look at the price. Look at the price.

Buy things do not buy expensive, but also can not buy cheap inferior quality. Usually the more expensive one is better than the cheaper one. Poor quality plush toy tends to get dirty, breeding bacteria and affecting health. Especially children, like to use the mouth to bite, easy to dirty and easy to depilate, more unfavorable for children to play.

How to judge the fabric of plush toy

Step 1: look

Look at what? Look at the label of the plush toy, whether there is a detailed description of the ingredients, whether it is clear, whether the information is complete; Also look at the color of the plush toy fabric. The color of high-quality plush toy fabric is very natural, no violation and feeling, but inferior plush toy fabric after chemical treatment, color and lustre will have a very big change, give a person's first feeling is uncomfortable.

Step 2: touch

Touch the fabric of the plush toy with your hand, whether it is smooth and pliable, whether it will occur fault phenomenon, whether it is skin-friendly, whether the color will fade. Inferior plush toy fabric, touch is rough, will not have a smooth hand.

Step 3: pull

Use your hands to gently pull down the fabric fluff. If it's a small amount of fluff, you don't have to worry about it because it's a float left over from the process. But don't buy them if they fall in clusters. This is a sign that the material chosen for the plush toy is not good.

Step 4: ask

Smell with the nose, whether there is a peculiar smell, or the smell of heavy chemical agent, such plush toy fabric is through the secondary chemical treatment, belong to inferior products.

While playing with a plush toy, you also need to pay attention to some areas, so that the plush toy will be more durable.

1. Avoid fire source: the raw materials of plush toys are inflammable, even a spark can make the plush toys burn up, which will produce unimaginable consequences, seriously endangering the safety of people's lives and property;

2. Avoid food and drinks: if food and drinks are left on the plush toys, they will attract a lot of dirty things, such as cockroaches, mold, etc., making the plush toys become dangerous goods;

3. Avoid dust accumulation and dampness: if the dust accumulation is serious, or the plush toy is in the damp environment for a long time, it is easy to breed mites, bacteria and mold, which will seriously harm people's health;

4. Refuse violence: plush toys can not stand violence, long-term violence pull, no matter how good plush fabric will break, and then close patchwork will crack. Also, overstocking can destroy the original shape of plush toys.

5. Regular cleaning: plush toys need regular cleaning, so as to effectively inhibit bacteria and other harmful substances harmful to health. Or put in the sun on the weekend can also be effective sterilization.

How to dry clean a plush toy?

YouRun Plush Toys Manufacturer recommendations: Plush Toys need regular cleaning. Some consumers worry about Plush Toys will fade after washing or go out of form, YouRun Plush Toys Manufacturer has a coup - use opportunely coarse salt dry cleaning Plush Toys.

1. Put the plush toy in a large plastic bag and pour in the kosher salt (the amount of kosher salt can be determined by the size of the toy and how dirty it is).

2. Seal the plastic bag tightly and shake it up and down. After a while, you will notice that the white kosher salt has turned black, while the color of the plush toys gradually brightens up.

3. Leave to dry in the sun for 30 minutes, during which time do not stop patting plush toys, ultraviolet light can also sterilize. Tap the plush toy to make it fluffy.

Salt (sodium chloride) is an inorganic substance whose sodium ions are positively charged and chloride ions are negatively charged. Shake the kosher salt with the plush toy, rub the electricity, the electric charge will produce an effect. The dust and other dirty things on the plush toy itself is also positive and negative charges, opposites attract, dirty things are attracted to the sodium salt on the positive and negative charges. So, the plush toy is "sucked" clean, remember, not "washed", is "sucked".

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