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How should electronic plush toys be cleaned?

by:YouRun     2021-03-16

Ordinary plush plush toys are either machine-washed or water-washed, which is simple, straightforward and very convenient. However, there are many types of plush toys. In addition to ordinary ones, some are relatively high-tech and contain electronic components. As we all know, electronics and water are two incompatible things. Once charged objects come into contact with water, they will be damaged. So the question is, how do we clean electronic plush plush toys? Now, let’s take you to find out! The first step: We need to find the place to install the battery on the electronic plush toy. Generally speaking, for safety, the place to install the battery will be designed within the surface of the flannel, on the back of the toy, so we found it, Open the flannel, and then take out the battery placed inside. Step 2: Prepare a sealed bag, the kind that needs to be waterproof. Let's wrap the electronic components of the plush toy with a sealed bag. Remember, it must be wrapped tightly and wrapped a few more times to avoid corrosion. Step 3: After wrapping the electronic components, let's zip up the zipper of the plush toy and restore it to the original state. Then, the plush toy can be cleaned normally. Step 4: Prepare a pot of hot water at 60°C and mild detergent. The reason why we need hot water of 60℃ is because the hot water at this temperature can help us wash away the mites in the plush toys. The reason why we choose mild detergents is because children often come into contact with the plush plush toys, and mild detergents do not Stimulus, will not harm the child. Step 5: Lightly brush the plush toy with a soft brush to clean the hidden bacteria. We will be used to rubbing the clothes daily, but the plush toy is thicker and the hand rubbing is unrealistic, so the brush will be better Use some. Step 6: If it is not the kind of plush toy that is too big, after washing, we put it in a laundry bag, and then put it in the washing machine for dehydration. If it is too big, it can only be placed directly on the balcony Hanging to dry. Step 7: Wait for the plush toy to be dried and sun-dried. Remember, it must be dried and sun-dried. After that, we will take it off and follow the previous steps and install the battery again to start using it.

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