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How many principles do you know about choosing plush dolls?

by:YouRun     2021-03-12

Winter is here, and many parents have also shown a major trend when choosing plush toys for their children. Compared with plush toys of other materials, plush dolls seem to be more popular in winter, so here is the problem. When choosing a plush doll, how do you choose it? Or is it just based on the value of beauty? Today, the editor will introduce a few principles for selecting plush doll. Take a look at these principles. How many do you know? The first principle: whether the raw material is qualified. The raw material in the eyes of many people is only the fabric on the surface of the plush doll. In fact, the raw material we are talking about here contains a lot of content. In addition to the surface material, there are also internal materials. Fillers, coatings, paints, and even glue are included. Of course, there are many ways to judge whether raw materials are qualified. In addition to touching by hand, they can also be judged by smell and cleanliness. The second principle: Whether the smoothness is up to standard, plush dolls are not necessarily all plush, and plastic or metal things may appear on its surface. At this time, we need to check whether these plastics and metals are smooth enough. Are there any sharp things? These sharp things may harm the child! The third principle: Whether the toy has a little hair removal phenomenon is normal, but large areas of hair removal can be serious! Because these fluffs are removed, it is very likely to cause respiratory diseases in children and cause skin allergies. The fourth principle: Is it easy for small parts to fall off? Many plush dolls have small objects, such as buttons, pins, hairpins, etc., and many children have the bad habit of tearing these small objects. The children’s habits cannot be changed for a while, so we have to start with these small objects on the plush dolls to ensure that they are not so easy to fall off, not so easy to be ripped off, to prevent children from eating or being injured by these small objects. Well, the above are the four principles for selecting plush dolls. I wonder how many do you know?

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