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How long does a stuffed toy breed mites?

by:YouRun     2021-04-01

Mites can be said to be natural enemies in our daily life. On the sofa, clothes, bed sheets and bedding, these places in close contact with us are easy to breed mites. At the same time, the daily plush toys that accompany children , It is easy to provoke mites. Many parents do not like to buy stuffed toys for their children because they are afraid that mites will harm their children. So how long does a stuffed toy breed mites? How can we get rid of the mites on plush toys? Below, I will introduce some dry goods knowledge for you! 1. How long will a plush toy breed mites? As a very active and stubborn bacteria, mites are almost irrespective of seasons. Generally speaking, as long as they are in contact with the air, as long as the temperature and humidity are appropriate, they will breed mites. Therefore, when a stuffed toy is produced From that moment, it has been infested by mites all the time! 2. How to remove mites from plush toys? It is an established fact that plush toys are easy to attract bacteria, and it is also something that cannot be changed. The only thing we can do is to take certain measures to reduce and eliminate mites. So how to remove mites from plush toys? 1. Destroy the environment where the mites live. The temperature of 25°C and the humidity of 75% is the best environment for the mites. If we want to reduce and eliminate the mites, we can start with the environment where it depends and destroy its survival. Environment, to eliminate mites. 2. Place desiccant. Many families put some desiccant when storing plush plush toys. This is also a good way to reduce mites. Lowering the humidity can also reduce the reproduction speed of mites. 3. When soaking in warm water for daily maintenance of plush toys, we can use 60℃ warm water to soak the plush plush toys. This will not only remove the mites on the toy, but also clean up the residual mites and feces. 4. Sunlight to kill mites. Regularly place the plush toy in a place with strong sunlight, not only to keep the plush toy dry, but also to eliminate mites.

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