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How do stuffed toys help develop the brain?

by:YouRun     2021-03-28
Plush toys and games are not only for playing, but also for learning. It can guide babies to understand and explore the world around them, help them master some basic skills, stimulate their potential, and even some children can learn to walk with the help of toys. However, teaching children to play with toys is also a gradual process, and there is no need to rush. Among all the plush toys, the ones that meet the following principles are ideal plush plush toys for brain development. The principles are: various types of play, wide range of uses, and strong operability. Plush toys have the value of developing brain functions. The main reason lies in its demand and stimulation for children's multiple brain functions. What they provide is materials and what they need is their creative mental activities. In the process of children's own operation, cultivate their imagination, creativity and observation. In the first step, different fabrics and fillers. Plush toys made of different fabrics feel different to the touch, which allows children to learn about new things in the world by touching them. At the same time, plush toys will make children feel comfortable with their surroundings and are willing to explore the world around them with both hands. The second step, plush toys of various shapes. Such toys require children to grasp and stimulate them to throw objects, fall, and clenched, so as to promote the ability of hand-eye coordination. Games that need to be inserted into different holes according to the shape of the toy can also enhance the child's problem-solving ability. The third step is a soft toy that can make sounds or can sing and play music. Some soft toys will place paper rattles, or electronic devices such as speakers, which will play music or make funny sounds when they touch them. They can nurture children to interact with the environment. Skills, and enhance creativity, imagination, and thinking in music. The fourth step, colorful plush toys. Brightly colored toys can enhance visual ability, especially large colored plush toys, and some plush products drawn with exaggerated and bright patterns, which allow children to learn to distinguish different shapes and colors, and stimulate their creativity. The fifth step is a plush toy that can be disassembled and squashed. The kind of toys that can be disassembled into several pieces and then reassembled can teach children how to solve problems and cultivate their creative thinking while training children's hand skills.
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