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Have you noticed these safety issues when choosing toys?

by:YouRun     2021-04-09

Parents with children buy cars, they will be equipped with special child seats; parents with children buy food, they will also pay special attention to nutrition and health issues; parents with children choose toys, in addition to considering whether the children like it In addition, the safety of the toy itself will also be considered. The following is a summary of the safety issues of choosing toys for everyone. I wonder if you have noticed it? The first point: You cannot buy different toys for toys with uncomfortable fabrics. The fabrics used will be different. Even for the same type of toys, the choice of materials may be different. Therefore, parents are choosing toys for their children. You must pay attention to the problem of fabrics when you are in contact with toys. If parents will feel tingling and irritating when they come into contact with toys, don’t buy such toys for children, because children’s resistance ability is far worse than that of adults. This kind of irritating toy is likely to harm the child. The second point: You cannot buy toys with unknown fillings. Many of today's plush toys are filled with fillings inside. It is like a plush toy. The reason why it is so soft is because there are fillings inside. Let’s consider the materials used in the plush toys. We should not only consider the surface materials, but also the internal materials. If the description of the stuffing inside the toy is vague, try not to buy it, and avoid buying toys made of black cotton. , It will also affect the health of the child. The third point: You can’t buy toys with big taste. are too smelly. Most of them are caused by chemical substances. Everyone knows that chemical substances are very harmful to the human body. Adults may not be able to resist it. Is it a child? So, don’t buy toys with great taste for children! The fourth point: You can’t buy toys with sharp ornaments. Many toys will have ornaments on the surface. Take plush toys, they will have hairpins, eyes, buttons and other ornaments. Of course, the ornaments look good. It looks good, but when we choose, we must also pay attention to whether it is sharp and whether it is easy to harm the child.

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