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Has cuddly teddy bear passed the QC test?
We ensure that all products including cuddly teddy bear have passed the QC test before leaving the factory. In order to implement an effective QC program, we usually first decide which specific standards the product meets and every employee involved in the program should be clear with the standards. Our QC team monitors and controls quality by tracking production metrics and checking product performance. Our workers monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that there is little variation. Our engineers routinely monitor the issues and immediately fix the problems once they are found.

Dongguan Yourun Toys Co., Ltd., a tech-based company, offers a range of cute soft toys and professional custom services for customers. YouRun is mainly engaged in the business of cute soft toys and other product series. This product can be rapidly loaded and deployed. Its lightweight and compact design is exclusively created for easy and quick erection. The product is not prone to pilling. soft plush dolls will require regular maintenance to keep it at their best. The high-quality filling materials will be very fluffy once they get dried after washing.

YouRun is a company that sticks to establishing enterprise culture to enhance service quality. Check it!
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