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GRS certified renewable resources leading Chinese environmental plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-01-10
GRS certification. Renewable resources leading Chinese environmental plush plush toys GRS's goal is: unify the definition of a variety of applications, traces the recycled into material, for the customer, Brands and consumers) Provide a wise decision. Reduce the harmful effects of production for people and environment, and ensure that the product more sustainable recycling of materials and processing, to use recycled material quality problem solving method in the innovation. GRS, the textile and garment global recovery standards ( GlobalRecycleStandard) For old textile recycling after the use of renewable fiber and establish an international, voluntary and comprehensive third-party product certification standards, its recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemicals limited third-party certification requirements. GRS renewable products will accept certification from recovery phase, and then each production stage must also be certified, certification program ended in the last seller transaction process. So must related enterprises to obtain certification of GRS, to be able to have a need to provide certificate of TC and GRS tags. 2020 plush toys is committed to development of a batch of GRS certification of plush dolls, is committed to environmental protection toy products, the product onto the new environmental protection concept, will strive to achieve more than 90% on each plush dolls materials meet GRS global renewable resources recycling standards. Recently more and more global terminal garment plush toy factory enterprises announced in XX years comprehensive use of renewable or can continue to use fiber as raw material, it is understood that these end clothing toy doll companies for purchasing raw polyester fiber requirements is a must with GRS certification. Certification what is GRS, what are the advantages of GRS authentication for enterprise?
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