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Four intelligent toy baby will like?

by:YouRun     2020-11-11

custom plush toys in essence is fun, whether it is the traditional toys, or modern emerging intelligent toys, they just change the appearance of the toy, game, the same is for the purpose of the children in the game to get enlightenment. With four different intelligence toys, baby will be like?

1, the little doctor in our bacon bear and promote the healthy growth of baby

let the child to increase knowledge in the story development intelligence and perceive the world stimulate baby's interest in learning, guide the baby to form good habits, good character gentle baby music helps regulate mood, promote the healthy growth of baby.

2, enlightenment touching beautiful sheep sheep, open baby cognition

enlightenment touch beautiful sheep sheep cognitive cognition quiz questions and answers, color graphics, digital cognitive q&a, q&a mathematical addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, questions and answers in English, read English, interactive games, music, tongue twisters, nursery rhymes, tang poetry, and other functions. Through a variety of fun learning all ascending children intelligence, hands-on, cognition, learning and reaction capability, features more than the traditional story machine function, beautiful cartoon image enhance children's interest in learning, and can be a good partner, solved the other products again after do not love learning.

3, Peter pan (intelligent robot Rodek) , accompany children grow up without clearance

Peter intelligent robot - Rodek is a collection of multi-function as one of the intelligent robot, escort it powerful, ability will be many, reverse study, idioms solitaire, children's calculator, weather query, ask questions, general knowledge, chinese-english translation, children chatting, singing and telling stories, poems, etc. , good at all; It is ready to help others, with the help of it, you can learn a lot of knowledge. Peter pan intelligent robot - Rodek binding by WeChat public number and mobile phone to chat after the success of the binding and WeChat interaction, can also share the qr code to family members, friends, your family and friends to join your chat, anytime, anywhere can send WeChat messages to family members, friends, through which can accompany children grow up without a gap.

4, acoustic beacon bear, develop the potential of baby

hi-fi stereo effect, make sure that the baby to enjoy high quality music, at the same time can also be used as the radio.

4 types of intelligent toys, bring the baby is not the same as the childhood and happiness, treasure the daddy, mother can according to the baby's age demand intelligent toy of choose and buy!

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