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For toys, children is important to first teacher!

by:YouRun     2020-11-11

parents always want to bring the best of things, and the gifts and toys to the children as parents love bridge, also contain the full of love. Good toys, can let the children not only show the smile of innocence, gave them a precious childhood memories; Can also cultivate their patience, willpower, etc. , and contribute to the development of IQ and eq, toys, children's important enlightenment teacher.

but want to is both cost-effective and suitable for children's toys, just need some good treasure treasure mom dad and active state of mind. Intelligent toy manufacturers bring you bacon bear electric custom plush toys including little doctor in our bacon bear, make bacon laugh bear and audio bacon bears and other three series, each series of toys has powerful functions. Through these toys, children can not only experience the fun of playing, but also can learn all kinds of knowledge. Introduces for you below small make up:

little doctor in our bacon bear

little doctor in our bacon bears have to listen to story guess idiom, encyclopedic knowledge learning, and children's songs, 3 big functions. Children just by clicking on the 'play' button, you can enter 'stories guess idiom' game mode, and according to the figures prompted for interactive game. Click on the 'encyclopedia' button you can enter 'encyclopedic knowledge learning' mode, this mode is by having the children learn to play outdoor sports cognition, animal life cognition, encyclopedic knowledge, improve their life common sense. And click on the 'music' button can enter 'children's songs, enjoy' pattern, let children bathed in an atmosphere of love, happy growth.

joke bacon bear

joke bacon bear is a can let the children to do everything electric custom plush toys, such as: touch it left ear can according to the speech lead to interesting speech interactive games, can also be 'command' sing for you or to tell jokes. Touch your right ear, you can do everything! Want to leak - — Hit it left face; Two hands to touch it, it will tell you what's in it hands? And the touch two legs will have a voice! Do you dare to poke it's navel it will put a smelly fart smoked you. 。 。 。 。 。 。 Very cute laugh. The toys can not only let children experience real touch, but also can enhance their curiosity, to inspire curiosity.

for toys, children's important enlightenment teacher! Baby to the toy interest is also very important, not only can satisfy the child curious, active and studious, can play a enlightenment role in promote the development of different intellectual potential. Other parents when children play with toys must be patient with children, mom and dad to pay more attention to the child. The child's imagination is very big, creativity will surprise you. When the parents put more eyes focus to their children, the children will also be more willing to express my love for you.

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