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Export destinations of YouRun
Dongguan Yourun Toys Co., Ltd. exports our products to various countries or regions, which mainly include North America and Europe. Since the establishment of the company, we have witnessed an increase in demands from overseas markets. We keep exploring the markets and export conditions in the domestic market. As we become more mature in producing cute soft toys , we dare to export our product to overseas, gaining huge amounts of business benefits as time goes by. If customers are interested in the product export destinations, please check out our official website.

After years of continuous improvement, YouRun has become a renowned manufacturer of furry slippers slides in China. We are also known in the overseas market. YouRun is mainly engaged in the business of baby cuddly toy and other product series. It is highly resistant to impact and shock. In material processing, in order to enhance its capacity against exterior damage, impact modifier is used in the materials. The product is not prone to pilling. YouRun seizes plush slippers womens market with its furry slippers slides strategy. The colors on the product won't fade easily.

To let customers favor baby cuddly toy is the mission of our company. Get more info!
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