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Electric plush toys processing

by:YouRun     2020-11-18
Electric toy is very popular now, doll order has become a lot of plush plush toys factory is an important business, merchants want electric plush toys more attract the attention of consumers and customers, also need to processing factory custom have their own style and colour electric plush plush toys. So at the time of electric plush toys processing should pay attention to what? The first is safety. Doll order is relatively common, wholesale customized dolls to sell more stores often use means, but electric plush toys as there is electricity, so first in order to pay attention to is security problems. Especially some are likely to face child groups of figures, but also to pay attention to the control of power, at this point the hunan plush toy factory USES the new ribbon cable technology, maximum limit to improve the safety of toys. Electric plush toys processing but also pay attention to the quality of the plush toys. Although the doll is made, does not pay attention to quality is not desirable. Plush toy factory in hunan at the time of processing electric plush toys, preferred will choose high quality fabric and fluffy, let plush plush toys have a very good feel. Also has great skill in villi of fixed, makes the nap of the doll is not easy to fall off, increase the service life of the doll, at the same time improve the quality of the customized plush dolls.
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