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Educational toys: let children smart, happy, healthy growth

by:YouRun     2020-11-10

when babies reached the age of two or three years old, is the educational toys for children, parents are no longer just in order to let the child play, exercise ability, educational toys is more important to develop children's intelligence, and also can train children's ability, can be said to be a comprehensive training and development of the child's ability, let the children can more healthy, more intelligent, more happy growth.

a: the benefits of educational toys for children

educational toys is the partner of the children grow up, children can develop intelligence, cultivate children's ability, give the children a happy childhood, immortality educational toys can let the children play in the process of developing intelligence, from an early age to play educational toys children will much smarter, and active, the body will be excellent, is not easy to catch a cold sick.

2: educational toys

1: audio panel bear

suitable for age: above 3 years old baby

features: voice in both Chinese and English, the built-in 10 children's music, learning, to read and reread, testing, and other functions.

2: building blocks combination bear

suitable for age: above 3 years old baby

features: blocks bear is composed of six parts, head, body, two hands, two legs, and tail can be removed, the activity areas, built-in magnet electromagnet attraction can be any combination.

3: intelligent education bears the characteristics of

no need manual, intelligent education bears the initiative guide with children on language and interactive learning content and so on.

melting and lovely little girl + dubbing and situational dialogue type + different roles with different background music shows story, etc. , will become a kid really playmates.

recreation, intelligent education bears for kids to learn knowledge in the play, know the truth.

haha bear correctly in the enlightenment of children, let parents gradually discovered the child's interest.

speech recognition, the key, and the remote control can operate.

connect via USB computer to download content.

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