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Educational toys equal high-priced toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-15
In the survey, it was found that some traditional educational toys are no longer loved by children, but some expensive high-tech, multi-functional toys are deeply loved by children. Therefore, ordinary toys appear as 'puzzle'. After that, it is worth a hundred times as much as the traditional educational toys. Is it true that the price of the toy is a measure of the price? Most of the toys on the market now incorporate elements such as technology and environmental protection. Over time, people classify these toys as educational toys and believe that these toys play a role in developing children's intelligence. The owner of a toy store said that the sales of toys that have something to do with electric plush toys would be much better if the word 'puzzle' was added to the packaging. Father Zhang shared that when buying children’s plush toys for children, he will focus on children’s toy products that can develop children’s intelligence and exercise children’s skills. However, the prices of these toys are relatively high. On the one hand, these toy products use sound. , Light, electricity, integrated circuit and other technologies, which are still different from the traditional educational toys that are well-known such as Tangram, Huarong Road, Jiulianhuan and Luban Lock. The price is naturally not above a standard; on the other hand, the media The reports and the salesperson’s recommendations have also turned these expensive toys into the most beloved stars. 'Electric toys, animation toys, and so on are labeled as educational toys, but for me, I don’t care much about them.' Dad Zhang said that when children were young, they were given traditional educational toys. As for the so-called educational toys that are expensive, they can only be played when relatives and friends buy him birthday gifts. He also said that buying toys requires a rational choice. Let alone whether these toys work, the price alone is not acceptable to ordinary consumers, and the fear is that it will cause unnecessary waste.
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