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Don’t worry if there are too many plush toys, it’s really convenient to store them like this!

by:YouRun     2021-03-31

Every home with a cute baby has a lot of toys, right? Among all types of toys, soft, cute and cute plush toys should also be relatively heavyweights, right? However, although the plush toys are cute, they are loved by parents and children, but over time, the number of toys will still make people feel troubled, and some parents will even move the idea of u200bu200babandoning them. So are the plush toys really so overwhelmed? In fact, you may just have not found the correct storage method! For example, the storage methods introduced below are pleasing to the eye and convenient! First, the shelf. If your home’s plush toys are not flooded, and there is just a vacant lot in your home, it is recommended that you buy an exquisite shelf and place these plush toys. On the shelf, colorful, neat, delicate and beautiful. Second, in the current house by the window, who doesn't have a window yet? Sometimes looking at these windows, do you think they are empty and monotonous? If you have plush toys at home, you might as well put them by the window, not only have a place for storage, but also play a decorative role! Third, the wall is still worrying about how ugly the bare walls look? Still worrying about not knowing what decorative paintings or decorations to buy? May wish to consider your plush toys! Buying a few storage baskets that can be hung on the wall, and then putting these plush toys in them, do you feel a lot of anger at home in an instant? Fourth, suspension. If you have a large number of small plush plush toys, you might as well tie them together with a rope to make a string, and then hang it behind the door or in the corner of the wall. This is also a good idea. Storage method! Fifth, toy wall If your house has a lot of plush toys, then at this time, you can consider making them into a wall, all kinds of plush toys are arranged neatly and hung on the wall, do you want to Do you think it's beautiful? In fact, you really don’t have to worry about stuffed toys. As long as you make good use of them, they can not only become toys that accompany your child’s growth, but also become exquisite decorations.

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