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Do you know the four things about daily maintenance of plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-04-27

We often say that the daily maintenance of plush toys requires frequent dust removal, ventilation, and attention to cleaning. Did you know that in fact, there are four reasons to keep plush toys? Next, let me tell you, save the plush toys, what is not necessary in the end! The first one: Don’t get close to the fire source. Unlike other materials, plush toys will have a lot of fluff on the surface. In addition, there will be a lot of fillers inside. Whether it’s fluff or filler, it’s easier. Therefore, in the daily maintenance of plush plush toys, we must remember not to approach the fire source to prevent accidental fire accidents. The second one: Don’t get close to the food. Many children have the habit of holding plush toys and eating together when eating. In fact, such a habit is very bad, because there are a lot of fluff on the surface of the plush toys and the food will fall off. It is not easy to be found if it falls inside. This will not only cause the plush toys to be dirty and difficult to clean, but also have a certain impact on the health of the child. Just think about it, the food hidden in it has deteriorated and is moldy, but it is discovered by the child and stuffed in the mouth again. How disastrous will the consequences be? The third one: Don’t over-squeeze. Although the stuffing inside the plush toy has a certain rebound effect and is elastic, long-term over-squeezing is still not good for the plush toy. You will find that over time , No amount of elastic plush plush toys can escape the fate of deformation! The fourth don’t: Don’t get damp. Many parents are unwilling to buy stuffed toys for their children because they think that stuffed plush toys are easy to attract mites and endanger their children’s health. Humidity is one of the environmental conditions on which mites live. Therefore, the daily storage and storage of plush toys must be careful not to get damp to avoid the growth of bacteria and mites. The above are the four daily maintenance of plush toys shared for everyone. Do you still know which ones are beyond the reach of plush toys?

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