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Do I need to wash my newly bought plush toys and how to wash them?

by:YouRun     2021-04-09

Do I need to wash my newly bought plush toys? Many friends will wonder: Do the newly bought plush plush toys need to be cleaned? The editor is here to answer you, it is needed! Although the newly-purchased plush toys look clean on the surface, it is inevitable that there will be chemical residues on the surface during the process of leaving the factory and transportation, and there are also a lot of bacteria and dust that are invisible to the naked eye. How to clean it? 01. Dry cleaning first prepare a bag of about 2 kilograms of coarse salt, also called sun-dried salt; you can buy it at the market or supermarket, or at a certain treasure. Put the newly bought plush toy in a clean plastic bag and put in an appropriate amount of coarse salt; then tie the mouth and start to shake it up and down, about 40 times. Take out the plush toy, shake the coarse salt particles on the surface, you will find that the salt particles have turned black, and the plush toy is much cleaner than before. This method can make the plush toy look new without a little water. It is suitable for short-haired, medium-length, long-haired and other plush toys, as long as there is a bag that can hold them, it can be operated. Principle: The salt itself has positive and negative charges, and the dirt will also have positive and negative charges. After shaking and rubbing, electricity will be generated, and the opposite sex will attract each other. The salt will suck the dirt away and the stuffed toy will become clean. 02. Wash the plush toys that can be washed with water, add detergent to the basin, and flush some water in a certain proportion; stir the water in the basin with a general soft brush to stir out rich bubbles, and then use a soft brush to dip Brush the surface of the plush toy with the foam, and be careful not to get too much water on the brush. After brushing the surface of the plush toy, wrap the plush toy with a bath towel and place it in a basin full of clean water for pressure washing, so that the dust and washing liquid in the plush toy can be removed. Then put the plush toy in a water basin with softener to soak for a few minutes, and then press and wash it several times in a water basin filled with clear water until the water in the basin turns from turbidity to clear. Wrap the cleaned plush plush toys in a large towel and put them in the washing machine for dehydration. During the process of drying after dehydration, pay attention to pat the plush toys intermittently to make the surface and fillings fluffy and soft. In addition to the two methods mentioned in the editor above, you can also send the toy directly to the dry cleaning shop for dry cleaning; or buy a dry cleaning agent for cleaning plush plush toys, spray the dry cleaning agent on the surface, and wait for two to three minutes. Wipe it dry with a dry cloth; you can also use the sun directly. Ultraviolet rays can effectively kill some bacteria and ensure the basic hygiene of the plush toy. The above is the method of cleaning plush toys provided, more information will be updated one after another!

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