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Do children need soft toys to vent their pressure?

by:YouRun     2021-04-17
A child psychology expert said at a symposium, “Children are also stressed, and they also need channels to vent bad emotions.” Many people have such a question. The child is young, and parents and parents have planned for him. , No worries at all, where does the pressure come from. Plush toy manufacturers believe that parents’ excessive “planning” and excessive “planning” are the source of stress for children. The starting point of the parents is good, in order to prevent the children from losing at the starting point, but sometimes they do not consider whether the children will accept it. Excessive learning plans, such as heavy burdens on the weak shoulders of children, can there be no pressure? People are getting more and more stressed, and decompression tactics will continue to be produced. Plush toys are the favorite way for children to vent their stress. However, some people have asked how much pressure a child is under before he needs a plush toy to relieve him. It makes people wonder how their frequent venting will affect his growth? Would it be better to really play with these little toys? Plush toys have become children's vent tools. Plush toy manufacturers believe that there are two points. One is that plush toys are cute in appearance and soft in the hand. They are loved by children. Not only children like them, but adults are also loyal to plush toys. Lovers; second, plush toys are cost-effective, why do you say that? Plush toys cannot be broken or broken, and plastic plush toys of the same price are more likely to be damaged. At the end of the symposium, a child psychology expert said: “Children’s nature is to love to play and learn. The times have changed, and educational thoughts should also change. Education through fun is a distinctive feature of modern education. Excessive learning. Children are unbearable, and the consequences are unpredictable. Excessive play will result in children not being able to accept the influence of knowledge and be unable to become the talents needed by the national society and family. Therefore, as parents, you must have a sense of entertaining and entertaining. , Play in learning, learn in play, so as to better stimulate children's potential and talent.'
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