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Distinguish the pros and cons of plush toys from the details

by:YouRun     2021-04-30
Looking ahead, the domestic plush toy industry is not very regulated, and this market is often mixed. So, for the vast majority of consumers, how to distinguish between the pros and cons of plush toys? In the near future, we will analyze and summarize the internal stuffing of plush toys, plush toy fabrics, small accessories and workmanship, and sum up a few points for your reference when purchasing: then today the plush toy manufacturers are simple Let me introduce how to distinguish the plush toys from the details. According to the national safety standards of plush plush toys, small accessories such as the eyes of plush toys must be able to withstand a certain pulling force and not easily fall off. Unqualified plush toys hide danger, so how to buy good plush toy products is particularly important. How to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of plush toys 1: grasping and pinching Since the fabric of plush toys can be directly seen with the naked eye and touched by hand, if some businesses want to reduce production costs, many of them are made on internal fillings. article'. Different internal fillings will have different feelings when grasped, the resilience of plush toys will also be different, and the natural distribution of internal fillings will also be different. Everyone remember to pay attention when shopping for plush toys. Distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of plush toys 2: Pulling Although the fabric of plush toys can be seen directly with the naked eye and touched by hand, it is not easy to distinguish the difference between various plush fabrics. When we are shopping, we can gently pull the surface of the plush toy with our hands. If a few hairs fall off, it is a normal phenomenon, but if a lot of them fall into flocs, do not buy in this situation. High-quality plush fabrics are not easy to shed by pulling gently with your hands, unless the plush fabrics are fake and inferior products. Because in the process of textile processing of plush fabrics, the warp and weft will be tightly matched, and the attached plush will not be easily pulled off. Distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of plush toys 3: Touch There are countless types of outsourcing fabrics for plush toys, such as super soft spandex and super soft crystals. This undoubtedly adds a certain degree of difficulty to us in distinguishing the quality of plush toy fabrics. However, we can still distinguish by touching with both hands. When touching the outer plush toy fabric with your hand, if it is a good quality fabric, it will feel soft and comfortable. Even some plush toy fabrics that have been treated with super-soft technology have greatly improved skin-friendliness. However, poor-quality fabrics are easy to shed hair and feel a little rough, which will make people do not have the desire to buy. The method of distinguishing the plush toys from the inferior is mainly from two aspects: first, the plush toys Color; second, the charm of the shape of plush plush toys. Careful, you will find that by waiting and watching, there will be a very subtle feeling. The well-designed and well-made plush toys give people the first impression that they are very cute and very attractive, and the desire to buy is very strong. Recommended reading: How to clean plush toys How to maintain plush plush toys
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