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Dilettante choose the plush toy factory a few simple tips

by:YouRun     2020-12-26
A lot of parents or friends want to buy plush plush toys for children. Because this toy is durable, easy to clean, which can be at ease let child play a relatively long time. But more consumers actually not enough understanding of this product, and may be due to the economic point of view, also don't want to buy a low technical content of plush dolls and went to the big mall spent a lot money. But because of the particularity of the use of the toy object, baby plush toy purchase cannot be too casual. Here are a few selected simple tactics of this kind of toy. To no longer more narrative, such as aesthetic appearance. Here mainly from three aspects to smell, touch, see action to consumers. In choosing a plush toy, the first do is smell of, as long as no obvious peculiar smell, it is basic can show that the processing of raw materials or better control the use of all kinds of chemicals. After that, it is to touch, feel whole tactility, soft and comfortable. The internal filling is uniform and soft without feeling foreign body. Check whether all transition place appearance is smooth and soft. Don't have sharp edges, and don't have hard feeling. After through the above two steps, is the look. Main look to see if pins made of uniform and sufficient to filling out, look to whether have wiredrawing drops. See if the combining site transition perfect. Whether adornment is firmly fixed on the toy. Through the above three steps inspection of plush plush toys manufacturer of plush toys, if not in the upscale department store. No high social status, in general can be rest assured to buy toys. Will this a few action, consumers don't have to worry about you don't know how a little professional knowledge such as material identification.
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