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Decompress yourself with plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-05-21
Just as a female college student said, as long as you walk around in the female dormitory of the university, you can feel the love of soft toy customized products among young people. Which dormitory does not have one or two soft toy customized products? Mr. Zhao said that there are three main reasons why young people buy customized plush toys: a. There is a certain degree of purchasing power. Now, young people around the age of 20 have either already worked outside to make money or are studying at university. Generally there is some discretionary money, so they have the ability to buy customized products of plush toys. b To make up for the shortcomings of these young people, generally born in the 1980s. At that time, the economic conditions were not very good. Many young people, especially those in rural areas, rarely had soft toy customized products when they were young. They wanted to make up for their shortcomings when they grew up. This is probably out of the same mentality as many middle-aged and elderly people take wedding photos. c. Seeking psychological sustenance. Most of these young people are just beginning to come into contact with society and are a little uncomfortable with complicated social life, especially fear of interpersonal relationships. They hope to reduce pressure for themselves through customized soft toys. Customized telephone for plush plush toys:
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