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Customers how to get your own custom toys?

by:YouRun     2020-12-23
custom plush toys began to become a fashion. When we were young, because the social material extremely poor, children's toys is also tedious. Now, as people increasingly rich material life, people began to pursue their personalized way of life. 's birthday is coming, for example, their children, and if the store to buy toys, there is no any new idea, also can not get recognition and love their children. So, we can customized plush plush toys. If we decide to give yourself a special birthday gift, we can go to the plush toys processing factory, here not only provide customers with products wholesale, you can also accept customers special toys custom business. Below, we look at shenzhen toy factory can provide customers with what service? First, through the network login shenzhen toy factory, and upload your custom applications need toys. Manufacturer after accept custom application, together with the customer for toy materials, the size of the toy, custom and so on time to communicate, and provide customized toys processing cost. If the customer agrees to the price of custom, customized business contract on both sides. Second, the toy factory will customize the contract to the designers of the factory. Design personnel according to customer's description of custom toys, toys, computer synthesis and after many changes, please customers confirmation. Third, after confirmation of toy design, immediately to the production workshop. According to the design, material selection, cutting, processing, processing and inspection, and a series of technological process, finally, a meets the needs of customers customized mascot dolls production is completed.
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