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Custom plush toys with the idea for this, with quality for consumers

by:YouRun     2020-10-30

spiritual culture is to guide enterprises to carry out the production and business operation activities of the various norms, group consciousness and the concept of value, is the enterprise spirit as the core value system. Embodied in a unique and distinctive management thought and individual character style, reflects the enterprise's belief and pursuit, is the concentrated reflection of enterprise group. And corporate mascot custom has now become a trend, is also a way of brand culture differentiation. Enterprise or the brand advantage of mascot create a selling point to attract users, users have the feeling that find everything new and fresh. Mascot custom, therefore, the market demand is also increasing, the related industrial chain emerge in endlessly, in recent years become the popular industry.

toys as a high-end plush toy brands in the domestic, the main wool cloth with soft nap, filling toys, high-end smart, electric toys, can undertake corporate mascot custom, toys, gift custom, games mascot custom plush toys custom related to business. Over the years, with excellent product fabrics and fine workmanship, won the praise of customers, visible, toy brand strength.

mascot figures used to enhance the corporate image, the quality of the doll can reflect the value of the brand and positioning. First of all, on the production experience, is committed to corporate mascot customization for 21 years, has rich experience in the industry, have worked with numerous cases. In the manufacturer of same type, the choice often can save more time, to achieve the best effect.

second, enterprise mascot reduction degree will directly related to the image of an enterprise external publicity, so the design research and development strength is important considerations. With industry senior designer team, experience in more than a decade, to better understand the needs of customers, thus design conforms to the enterprise image, the characteristics of the products on behalf of the enterprise. In addition, can also support for custom, only need to provide the mascot figures product design of the manuscript, including but not limited to the 3 d file and all kinds of vector files, then to fabricate proofing, confirm sample, and then to mass production.

in the field of enterprise mascot custom, the customers will be no exception, are to worry about a problem, is the delivery date. Custom business, unlike the scene transactions from communication demand to design proofing, and then to produce packaged goods, a series of process, must need a certain amount of time. The real qualified strength of enterprises, often can be put down half cycle. With guangdong, henan owns two production bases, which can realize the fastest five days proofing, both product quality and production cycle, all is the industry leading level, to become the industry benchmarking enterprises.

successful enterprise mascot is not only the success of a corporate brand, will also be extended to other areas, to achieve more commercial value. Mascot as a virtual image spokesperson brand is not only a marker, it should be fully integrated into the brand culture system, bearing brands of philosophy and cultural appeal. With 21 years enterprise mascot toy capable of its custom experience, design and production of enterprise mascots are highly recognition, moral, and easy to extend their application, and fit the brand and industry attribute, make mascot became the communication link between businesses and their customers, spirit of enterprise culture.

mascot can be seen that different enterprises mascot behind contains the cultural spirit of enterprise and business philosophy, and contains the idea behind the mascot is need through the design and production to complete, so choose enterprise mascot custom manufacturer of high quality are important. Since it was founded in 1999, in order to meet customer demand for customized product diversification, personalization, standardization, has developed into a set design, production, packaging and sales in the integration of professional plush toys customization enterprises, and with the domestic and foreign many well-known enterprises and brands become long-term strategic cooperation partners. Toys in the future, will continue to research and development innovation, exploring the market demand, for the majority of customers to maximize the brand value of cooperation.

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