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Custom plush toys industry boom

by:YouRun     2020-10-31

with the rapid development of social economy, people's cultural life level has been significantly increased. Material abundance, most wealthy people began to pursue spiritual and cultural level. Rise in recent years, custom plush toys industry, whether enterprise mascot figure or toys gifts, people are no longer limited to directly from the market to buy the same product, but choose custom unique features of goods. Market demand to promote industry development, in the toy industry, under the strong demand of many custom plush toys enterprises also have sprung up, but the qualifications and the strength is uneven, no doubt increased the selection problem for the consumers.

in the domestic large and small plush toys custom among enterprises, the guangdong toy co. , LTD. , consumers enjoy exclusive toys custom market. In such a competitive industry, toy is from what won the broad masses of customers?

professional design team, quick proofing

toys since it was founded in 1999, has more than 20 years of industry experience, and with independent toy brands ''. Company has professional design and development team, can realize fast proofing to 5 days. Especially pay attention to product innovation, not only that, toys have exclusive designer team and won many awards, game development team which owns more than 10 years work experience, it also in the maximum extent to ensure the quality of the products and customer service experience.

a strong production capacity, delivery on time

in the field of custom plush toys, delivery is always a difficult problem to the industry. In choosing custom business, the customer will give priority to the enterprise production delivery ability. Toys with dongguan and henan two major industrial base, nearly thousands of employees, and combined with the artificial production, automated production lines, nissan, more than 100000 only can product inventory is enough, not only with emergency line and measures, quick delivery, delivery timely, let the customer to choose.

1 v1 tracking service, efficient response requirements

toys in view of the content of the project organization is equipped with professional service team, supervised the demand communication, creative planning, design review, project implementation, acceptance, project delivery each link of the work quality, timely solve problems for customers, with sincere service for the customer is responsible for. From the service and communication to discuss and post all standing in customer Angle to troubleshoot, will attentively service supremely well.

as domestic plush toys customization enterprise, for a long time, because of its creativity, technology properties and high-end custom power, become the domestic and foreign customers of choice. After 21 years development, the plush toys has been selling products in the global market, not only signed a contract with popular anime IP cooperation, but also for many international sporting events of mascot production maker.

details, all show quality; Professional, reveal the strength. The trend of The Times the majestic, joomla frolic in the waves innovators. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the trend of the era of increasingly intelligent, toys will insist on seeking truth from facts and advancing with The Times, dare to explore, be good at innovation, give full play to all aspects of the initiative creativity, and continuously upgrade the iterative products, with new products, new technology can assign a plush toys custom new experiences, leading the industry development of a new realm.

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