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Custom plush toys in the role of market activity

by:YouRun     2020-12-23
Plush plush toys order is began to be popular in recent years, the enterprise to the toy manufacturer to express what you want to style, such as the kinds of plush dolls factory according to customer's actual demand to complete the plush doll production operation, that these custom plush toys exactly what role for businesses? 1, enterprise publicity. Enterprises in the design of the mascot plush dolls, generally more into the enterprise culture in it. Design of image is cartoon, mostly people are easy to remember. Can very good propaganda enterprise culture, also can let everybody see it soon came up with the enterprise. Compared to cost a lot of money to print or TV advertising, corporate mascot publicity effect is stronger, last longer, cost is relatively low. 2, the customer gift giving. At the time of the activities of the enterprise has a large, send what gifts to make customers more easily remember that we are, of course, has its own exclusive mascot of enterprise culture to compare. 3, kindergarten, education institutions festival plush plush toys are in the majority with cartoon characters, like, popular children's nursery, education institutions at the time of custom plush plush toys, plush dolls can not only joined the enterprise culture elements, also printing the LOGO of the company, so in the form of gifts given to the children, let children and parents can remember clearly more, have the effect of propaganda.
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