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Custom plush toys factory proofing and charging for details

by:YouRun     2020-11-04

you need to do to plush toys custom still have to find large professional plush toy manufacturer, so plush toy materials, production technology, quality control, roa, after-sales service is very good. The plush toys custom toy brands will introduce you to the details of the plush toy factory proofing process and the question of why manufacturers charge.

a: plush toys custom proofing process

flow 1: provide sample

customer demands for plush toys have a custom, after consulting the plush toy manufacturers to provide drawings or samples, plush toys manufacturers of professional designers, according to customer requirements determine the appropriate materials and processing methods.

flow 2: create templates

in making plush toys model, must pay attention to the template of the straight line, arc, perspective, proportion, symmetry and positioning principle, and the words written on the front of the template. Line is straight and arc is round, the knife is in place, Angle and the ratio is the same, this is the principle of making stencil.

if it is with the center line of the template, such as a ladder, on both sides should be symmetrical, rectangular template should maintain a parallel lines across the line. Anchor point must be accurate, anchor point must be appropriate for stitching or darts, don't appear omissions and other issues.

3: process template logo

plush toys proofing template also needs to have the corresponding identification, template symbols include: product type, product name, name of parts, template number, name of the material, the flow direction, cutting film quantity, if the volume is relatively small plush toys template, will not be marked all the content, can manufacture craft listing, identification number, label number directly.

process 4: create layout diagram

schematic including template filament or total direction, reverse arrangement or synthetic array of templates, template sleeve cutting instructions, in order to more accurately calculating unit cutting quantity, at the lowest loss do discharge processing.

process 5: sewing plush toys

after cutting, sewing, embroidery can be made ( Screen printing) , filling process, such as plush toy doll template comparing with drawings, the revised should be improved in a timely manner, and let the customer to confirm.

2: why plush toys factory proofing fee?

it is not just a plush toy industry will shrink proofing fee, other industries will be closed, plush toys the proofing fee will be collected in the prophase, proofing fee will be next orders back to the guest.

in fact, we might as well stands in the Angle of the plush toy manufacturer to imagine, if you make a manufacturer to make a sample, the family spent, spent time and money spent the manpower, the results don't you find somebody else to do, the somebody else thanks to ah, so need to pay the proofing fee is also in order to let the customer express the intention of cooperation, and proofing fee is generally not high.

above is why plush toys factory proofing process and the proofing charge related to introduce, hope you have a more clear understanding to proofing, want to have a good plush toys, so be sure to choose a good material, good production technology and manufacturer of plush toys. Plush toys factory was established in 1999, this year just 20 years, to undertake a host of Olympic Games, games, World Cup mascot design customization, sponsored many Olympic Games, world university, such as the Asian games theme events. So far has been 300 + product patent, has been obtained for 10 years in a row, 'defend the contract heavy credit enterprise' the honorary title, is the domestic few real smart plush toys enterprises with independent brands, a variety of intelligent toys, electric toys, educational toys, plush toys design custom services, optimizing intelligent toy brands.

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