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Custom introduction and precautions for plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-03-22

As a company specializing in customized plush plush toys, in recent years, it has cooperated with various types of companies to produce many series of products. So today, the editor will tell you, what aspects need to be paid attention to if you want to customize plush toys? We first need to understand and pay attention to the qualifications of the plush toy factory. We must pay attention to the manufacturer's own production scale and equipment conditions. At the same time, the doll's production technology and strength are an important basis for our choice. Like us, a plush toy manufacturer integrating design, customization and production, adopts professional technology and advanced machinery and equipment. At the same time, we also cooperate with customers in OEM, ODM customization, brand development, foreign trade OEM production and other business methods according to customer needs. At present, we have provided gift customization services and OEM production services for many well-known domestic and foreign companies, and have become a long-term strategy. Partner. In addition to looking at the production strength of the toy manufacturer, we must also pay attention to the design of the details of the sample. When determining the sample, it is necessary to communicate with the designer or the manufacturer in a timely manner. Good communication is the key. Pay attention to the fabrics, fillings, accessories, etc. of the dolls, which have a very important relationship with the qualification of the factory. In order to keep prices down, many factories use non-compliant and unqualified materials. The inside is even more practical and troublesome black heart cotton. The plush toys produced in this way are cheap, but they are not profitable! To be honest, the money saved by buying these toys may be far less than the harm that these inferior plush toys cause to children! The materials we use are safe, environmentally friendly, and harmless. At the same time, you can pay attention to the design team equipped by the toy manufacturer. The professional design team will strive to create fresh and flexible solutions, with creativity and breakthroughs in materials, design and functions. The stuffed toys made by such a fully qualified, well-staffed and well-equipped factory are safer and more reliable. At the same time, professional designers work overtime to make the production service better. The above is the content shared by the editor. If you want to customize the production of plush plush toys, you can provide design drawings or design ideas; the design will produce product renderings based on the design drawings as soon as possible, and then make prototypes and proofing. After the samples are confirmed, you can mass produce it, your exclusive The doll is customized.

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