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Compared with traditional toys, intelligent toys advantage in where?

by:YouRun     2020-11-02

today, parents in the children's toys of investors proportion bigger and bigger. Especially the emergence of intelligent toys, talking robot, interactive game toy bear, can fly space mould etc. The advent of traditional toys in the shade. So compared with traditional toys, intelligent toys advantage in where?

smart toys are so popular, because it actually has the characteristics of traditional toys have no, make up for the deficiency of the traditional toys. Toys, for example, intelligent pleasant goat, intelligent anti lost bear, and so on, with the combination of modern intelligent technology is through to join all kinds of electronic chips in plush toys, realizes intelligence.

so, in addition to these, smart toys also have the characteristics of what?

a, intelligent: as is known to all, the most obvious feature of the intelligent toy is its problems, it provides children with creation, exploration, sharing such as possible, good for the children shows a perfect interactive environment.

2, content; Intelligent toys should be a comprehensive upgrade of traditional toys, educational music, story, unified combination, form a complete system, through voice recognition and interaction, improve children's perception of behavior.

three, interaction; Intelligent toys can combined with computer mobile phone and so on, now learn while having fun, happy learning, memorable and can be illustrated.

4, each other; Intelligent toys in general, relatively traditional toys are believed to be trouble on the actual operation, but it provided between parents and children get along with easily, also close the distance between each other, are now advocates the parent-child interactive games, therefore, each other to bring more happiness to home.

compared with traditional toys, still pretty much the advantages of intelligent toys. Famous international journal of psychology of 'social behavior and personality' has said, children through actively explore, create, share in the fun can significantly improve the children's self-confidence, ability to learn, develop thinking and management ability, the emotion and ability of shaping will become a compulsory course for the child's life. Intelligent toys are with its distinctive features and technical advantages gradually replace traditional toys, and in the future development of smart toys will play a more important role.

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