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Companies want to give gifts to customers, might as well consider plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-04-29

Enterprises of various industries and sizes will generally send souvenirs to customers on company anniversary, event promotion days, Spring Festival and other festivals. In particular, industries such as insurance, finance, and automobile sales are in contact with customers. These industries often need to consolidate old customers to open up new sources of customers. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, every time before the Spring Festival, I will receive New Year gifts from insurance companies and banks. So, what options do companies have if they want to give gifts to customers? There are of course many choices, such as: desk calendar, profit seal, pillow and so on. I strongly recommend stuffed plush toys to everyone here. Why is it a plush toy? In addition to furnishings, plush toys are also practical. In this way, many customers will stay at home after receiving the plush toys sent by the company. Instead of turning your head or throwing it away after use. Moreover, plush toys are suitable for many festivals and scenes. For the company’s anniversary, you can customize the company’s mascot; on the promotion day, you can make a promotional doll as a gift; before the Spring Festival, you can customize a festive pillow and so on. It can be seen that plush toys can be used as gifts for companies for many purposes. After telling you the benefits of plush toys as corporate gifts, let's take a look at what steps are required to customize plush toys? 01. To customize plush toys, the first thing is to design artwork. If the company itself has an IP doll with a brand image, it can bring a picture to find a plush toy manufacturer for development and proofing. If the company does not have a specific manuscript, you can first contact the design team to design a mascot image for your company. However, in addition to being a professional plush toy manufacturer, corporate customers do not have artwork, as long as they provide design ideas, they will arrange a design team for design. 02. After dealing with the design manuscript problem, the next step is to produce the renderings and samples. The client needs to confirm the manuscript in time, and if there is any need to modify it, it needs to be submitted in time. 03. Then, after the samples are confirmed, the plush toy manufacturers will start mass shipments. After that, the plush toys are produced, packaged, tested, and shipped according to the requirements agreed in the cooperation agreement. The above is about the relevant steps for customizing plush toys. If you want to customize production company mascots, plush toys and gifts, you can find Dongguan Co., Ltd. The team has had many successful cooperation cases, and has won the support and trust of the industry and customers by virtue of professional production technology, high-quality service and reasonable prices. The choice is to choose to go with quality, and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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