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Combines household goods and toy sales sales route

by:YouRun     2020-12-22
There may be a lot of people don't understand household products and plush plush toys where the relationship is. Indeed, from the surface, the two is not much difference, but if you think about it, the design concept of household products and plush toys are largely contain each other. That is to say, both need to investigate consumer tastes. A simple example, for the bib, especially in terms of baby bib, its design is very accord with toy design train of thought. Especially, as more and more toys are beginning to demand more than in younger groups, most of the time the researchers investigating customer interest of toy factory, will investigate to such as a housewife, or older, middle-aged woman, as a result, for toy manufacturers, along with all the manufacturing household items will have great convenience. And as a result, the product can form a complete set of sales, make the style of the home. Animating the distribution and development of similar goods. At present, the toy factory in shenzhen and dongguan toy factory are on the marketing mode, which makes the customers when the choose and buy plush toys supplies, also can pay attention to the same type of household items. Household items to the toy factory, is a bold innovation, is also a fairly reasonable way of sales, distribution pattern of diversified products, to drive the long-term development of the product.
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