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Choose toys for your baby, have you chosen the right one?

by:YouRun     2021-03-14

can be collectively referred to as plush toys, but there is a difference between toys and toys. For different babies, the toys that are suitable for them are also different, and for parents, when choosing plush toys, they also need to start from the actual situation of the baby and combine many factors to choose. So the question is, how should we choose toys for babies? Is your choice right? Next, let's take you to find out! 1. Choose according to the appearance of the toy. For different toys, the factors we need to filter will be different. Take the production of plush toys as an example. When we choose, we should give more consideration to the appearance of the plush toys. For example, whether children are interested in this appearance and whether they like it; whether the touch of this kind of stuffed toy is good, will it make the skin feel irritated; whether the accessories of this kind of stuffed toy are stitched well, will it fall off with a scratch; Whether there is any sharp place on the plush toy, will it hurt the baby, etc. 2. According to the age of the child, choose different toys for different children. In fact, we mainly mean that children of different ages are suitable for different toys. Generally speaking, for children under 1 year old, parents are more suitable to choose some exaggerated and cartoonish toys for them, such as plush toys; and for older children, we can choose some for them Brightly colored, educational toys, so that while playing, it can also stimulate children's thinking ability. 3. Choose children's toys according to the space in the home, but there are a lot of them, so when choosing toys, parents also need to consider the storage problem. If the space at home is large and storage is okay, naturally This factor can be ignored. However, if the space in the home is limited and the storage capacity is limited, when we choose toys, it is best to choose some toys that are not very large. After reading the above introduction, I wonder what parents think? I wonder if the plush toys you have chosen for your baby in the past are correct?

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