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Choose plush toys to be cautious

by:YouRun     2021-03-12
Let’s take a closer look at the three main aspects of the pollution hazards of plush toys:   1. Because plush toys are textile toys that children directly touch the skin, the surface of the plush is easy to contaminate and adsorb bacteria, dust and formaldehyde, and children are playing and Contact may cause children's allergies, harmful to health. The most common case is that germs on plush toys can cause diarrhea in children, and more severe cases can even cause lung infections.   2. Some 'three no products' plush toys are filled with black cotton, which contains formaldehyde or other toxic and harmful substances. After children come into contact with them, they are prone to tearing, coughing and erythema. Those with serious quality problems can also induce skin diseases or infect other infectious diseases, and cross-infection can easily occur when multiple children come into contact.  3. Formaldehyde can cause very strong irritation to the human body, especially the respiratory tract and skin of young children, and may cause respiratory inflammation and dermatitis. Plush toys containing formaldehyde during children's play. Plush toys containing formaldehyde will release some free formaldehyde, causing damage to children's health. Excessive exposure to formaldehyde may even induce childhood leukemia.  Contaminated toys are potentially harmful to children. How can we avoid them? Next, I will share with you some tips for parents to judge whether plush toys and fabric toys will be contaminated by formaldehyde:    (1) When parents buy plush plush toys for children at home, they should open the package and smell the toys for strong irritation. Odor and harsh eyes, safe and qualified toys should have no special smell. If parents find that the toy has a pungent smell, they must not buy it.   (2) When buying a plush toy, check the stuffing inside the toy to see if the stuffing inside is waste material and whether it contains unwanted sundries. However, this is sometimes difficult to achieve, so try to buy large-brand toys from formal channels, and don't buy toys of unknown origin.   (3) Buy plush and cloth toys that are easy to clean as much as possible. After the toy is purchased, it must be cleaned and dried at home before playing with the child. In addition, the plush plush toys should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
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